The Presidents Corner ----- by Calvin Moore

The President's Corner will allow us to have better communications in the club. Please send any ideas to me that would help improve my corner!

President's Corner for May 16, 2015

Hi To Everyone,
We started a little slow, but it turned into quite a crowd. We had lots of visitors, James Yates, Mark Lanier, Bobby and Noah Glass, Hayes Enoch, Jason Smith, and Dennis Dixon. Welcome to all.
Our Treasurer passed out a report on the club's money. We will need some soon to go buy more coal and to pay our demonstrator in Sept.
We received back 35 ballots and after the tally the new Officers are: Joe Rush- President, 903-832-4189, Vice- President- Chip Barkman, 903-832-6227, Treasurer- Terry Moore, 903-838-4144, Secretary- Deana Briggs, 903-244-5296 and three Board Members are Calvin Moore- 903-838-4144, Randy Wootton- 870-533-2472 and Bob Nipper- 870-696-3943. Congratulations to all.
We voted to see if the club would like to go to the Purple Hull Festival in Emerson, Ark. and it did not pass at this time. It was to be on June 27.
The club has a variety of shirts and hats for sale. Shirts are $15 and hats are $10. If you would like one please see Michelle Barkman or Terry Moore.
Charlie Smith donated a do all tool (combination wrench, pliers, knife, and screw driver) for Crap In The Cap. This is our version of Iron In The Hat, which is an item that is donated to the club to be raffled off at the meeting for a buck a ticket. It is just another fund raiser for the club and the club made $47 for this. Thanks to Charlie.
The Project for this meeting was a Belt Buckle. People making this project are: Roger Massey, Joe Rush, Randy Wootton, Jim Upton, Mark Lanier, and Sperry Johnson. Thanks to all who made this project. The Project for June is- Make Something from a Spring. So lets see your ideas on this.
Its that time of year again June and July when your Dues are Payable. They are still $20 for the year. Please pay on time and save the club the price of stamps to remind you.
Joe Rush the new President would like to continue our meetings at my shop. So at this time ALL MEETINGS WILL BE AT MY SHOP .. same place we have been having them. Also if needed, Sue Rush will be back up Treasurer and has been voted so. This is only as needed.
Until next time-- this will be my last letter as President. Thanks to All who have helped me through the last years. Hopefully Joe will take over the President's Corner.
Just Keep On Hammering,